With the industry for real estate market changing this usually requires the demolition of structures. These structures can range from manufacturing facilities, office buildings, hospitals and industrial complexes. We work along aside our clients to fulfil the needs in order to preserve the value of the property. When Terra performs the demolition, our excavators use attachments such as shears, hammers, concrete processors and grapples. This allows us to separate all recyclable materials minimizing land fill waste and this also saves our client money.   

Concrete Crushing/Recycling

Our on-site concrete crushing capability will save you money on disposal fees and transporting. By crushing the concrete it will turn the concrete into valuable material. Crushed concrete has a high resale value which can be used on backfilling, compacting and drainage. Our crusher can process concrete brick and block from 5 inches to ¾ inch.     

Environmental Remediation
Selective Interior Demolition

 Interior Demolition offers many different options for the client. We will meet with the client on site to discuss the needs of the structure. Terra can do as little or a total interior demolition which will just leave the I beams and walls. By doing an interior demolition allows the building to be very versatile for the real estate market.